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What Will Martellus Bennett’s Retirement Mean for the Packers

It’s pretty safe to say that us Packers fans have, between retirements and Aaron Rodgers injury, we have been holding our breaths and getting purple in the face because of it. What will happen? What will the future hold for us? What is going to become of our loved team? 

Green Bay Packers

The season started out GREAT. We had that nasty loss against Atlanta, but really our team has performed very well pretty consistently for all of their games. Even in the game against Atlanta, one would not say that our Packers perfumed “badly” necessarily. They were simply up against a team that is really good this year. That’s all. But enter in an injury for Aaron Rodgers recently and the early retirement of Martellus Bennett and things are looking a little uncertain for our beloved Green Bay Packers. Packers football and NFL football, in general, is exciting and thrilling for all of us, but the season has definitely taken a turn for the worse. 

The Packers came out of the box this season with a win against the Seahawks, a loss against the Falcons, and three pretty solid victories against the Bengals, the Bears, and the Cowboys. Now, as soon as Aaron Rodgers broke his collarbone in the game against the Vikings, things took a turn for the worse with brutal losses against the Vikings and Saints respectively. Next, the Packers are going up against the Detroit Lions pretty soon, and we are very interested to see how that game goes!

Martellus Bennett 

In recent news, veteran tight end Martellus Bennett ended his contract with the Packers prematurely. He signed a three year deal with them this past spring, a twenty-one million dollar contract at that. Bennett has been in the NFL for ten seasons now, making him a true legend and veteran. He posted on Instagram on Saturday talking about the fact that he was considering retiring, even before finishing his contract with the Packers. He said he’d finish this season with the Packers, but that he wouldn’t be coming back next year. His exact words were:

  • “After conversations with my family, I’m pretty sure these next eight games will be the conclusion of my NFL career,” Bennett wrote. “To everyone that has poured themselves and time into my life and career. These next games are for you. Thank you.”

Bennett also spoke a lot about his games with the Packers and how he’s enjoyed them and how he’s enjoyed being a team player. He was quoted in an interview earlier this month saying:

  • “It’s a long season. The season’s still getting started. For me, I left a couple of plays on the field here and there, but it’s just getting used to and getting acclimated to playing in a game-type situation with Aaron and the team and the flow of things. So just try to figure out that, try to get in a good rhythm. I haven’t really been able to get in a rhythm yet. But we’re just getting started, and we’re winning games. That’s all that really matters. It doesn’t matter if I have 10 catches or two catches. There’s a lot of stuff I’ll make an impact in the game with. It doesn’t matter if I’m getting the ball or not. If my impact on this week’s game is chipping a lot, I’m going to try to do the best job I can do chipping. If they need me to catch 10 balls, I’m going to try to go catch 10 balls. Every single week is different. I know a lot of the outside people look at statistics, but I just look at Ws.”

We will be bummed out to lose this veteran tight end, but we know Rodgers and McCarthy will work hard with the Green Bay Packers to find a replacement for him.

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