The Draft Picks

During the draft, the Packers were thinking about Aaron Rogers. We drafted three wide receivers and one tight end. They drafted 4 offensive players out of 7. Here is a run through of Green Bay draft picks:


Ha Ha Clinton-Dix:

The Packers needed a safety in the draft. I was very surprised that the Packers picked a safety first, but we got the best safety in the league, Ha’Sean “Ha Ha” Clinton-Dix. He is 6 ft/ 1 in, 280 pounds, not the fastest guy, but a really powerful hitter. I was sure Dallas would take him, but they didn’t and Green Bay got him. Talk about a pick that fell right into your hands, we got the best safety basically in football.


Davante Adams:

The Packers selected Fresno State wide receiver, Davante Adams. He’s really good at catching the ball. He will replace James Jones who left, and he will be very, very good.


Jared Abbrederis:

The Packers picked Wisconsin wide receiver, Jared Abbredris. Jared is a great player. on, Abbrederis went from afterthought to scholarship player to No. 1 receiver.He is going to be a top line player in the near-future.


Jeff Janis:

The Packers picked a big-body pass catcher and wide receiver named Jeff Janis. I love Jeff Janis. He is from Sangnaw Valley State. He is probably not going to develop within the first year, but he is going to be really good in the next few years.

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Carl Bradford:

Switching now to defense, let’s go back to Carl Bradford. Bradford is probably the best pick Thompson made for an immediatefix to defense. This guy is 6ft 1, 250 pounds. He is an outside linebacker and they really needed an outside linebacker. He is not terribly fast; he ran a 4.76 in the 40-yard dash. He is middle of the road, the best being 4.5, the worst 4.9. He is a “middle-of-the-road” guy. He’s not the best and he’s not the worst, but he is perfect for his position in a 3-4 defense. He plays some really, really good stuff.


Khyri Thornton:

Defensive lineman, Khyri Thornton from Mississippi, was surprised when Green Bay called his name. He is kind of a work in progress, similar to Mike Daniels. They didn’t know Mike Daniels was going to be as good as he was until last years breakout performance.


Demetri Goodson:

They picked a cornerback from Baylor, Demetri Goodson. He’s a little undersized; he’s 5’11 and basically 200lbs. He was picked in the sixth round and he has possibility to develop. You pick players in the sixth round, so they can develop.


Corey Linsley:

The Packers picked something they needed, a center. He anchored one of the nation’s most physical and productive rushing attacks. He has athletic restraints, but compensates with strength, smarts and competitiveness. Corey Linsley is an offensive lineman from Ohio State.


Richard Rodgers:

The Packers added another Rodgers on the team with their pick of Richard Rodgers. He is a tight end and he will have a chance to develop his talents.

The Packers are one of the top teams that builds on their drafting.


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