Packers Win Over Browns Keep Playoff Hopes Alive

What a game!  If you were watching this past week’s Packers and Browns game, I’m sure that you were just as excited about it as we were.  Talk about on the edge of your seat kind of stuff!  This season has actually turned out to be a very interesting one for the Green Bay Packers and for all of NFL football really, football being something that has definitely been on my mind a lot!

In this last game, the Packers battled with the Browns neck and neck for the whole game, finally winning the game in overtime.  Aaron Rodgers stood on the sidelines watching, admidst rumors of his soon-to-be return to playing, though nothing has been confirmed yet.  Rodgers may be back next Sunday for a game, after his team kept hopes alive for a playoffs appearance by just barely beating the Browns twenty-seven to twenty-one in overtime.

The season seemed to be done after Rodgers broke his collarbone on October 15th.  But since then, replacement quarterback Brett Hundley has won three games and lost four, and two of those wins were the last two games, both of which were won in overtime, if you can believe that! 

One player, left tackle David Bakhtiari, had a comical analogy of the Packers to zombies with how the team has sustained so many injuries this season but just seems to keep on going no matter what:

  • “We’re like a zombie, we refuse to go down.  That’s a nice characteristic you want from a team when physically, the injuries are piling up. I don’t know what percentage we’ve had with back-to-back overtime games and having two walk-offs. It’s definitely a momentum builder.”

Coach Mike McCarthy has been constantly pestered with questions regarding Aaron Rodgers and his possible return to play this week.  Key eyewitness did see Rodgers playing in pads at practice, but that is no guarantee that he will play.  According to McCarthy in his rather emblematic and brusque demeanor:

  • “We love Aaron Rodgers, but I will not answer any questions about him today.  This is about winning the game. He’s still in the medical situation, and as soon as we have the information, we will try to get it to you.”

Green Bay Packers

In this past game, all seemed lost in overtime as the Browns pushed forward against the Packers.  Then, Packers safety Josh Jones intercepted a pass from Browns quarterback Kizer during overtime.  Then, as the Browns essentially knew it was lost with Packers’ possession of the ball, Hundley connected a short pass to Davante Adams, who scored the winning touchdown.  Talk about edge of the seat suspense indeed!

Our biggest concerns for the upcoming game are the mysteries about it.  Will Aaron Rodgers be playing in it?  Will he not be playing in it?  If he plays in the game, how will he perform?  Our biggest concerns about the game have to do with Rodgers’s passing game, if he does play.  How many picks will there be?  How many pass interceptions?  That is our biggest concern by far.  If he does not play, how will Brett do?  How will he play against the better scoring Carolina Panthers?  We have a few big games coming up!

So, with the completion of this last week’s game, the Green Bay Packers are at seven wins and six losses.  Not bad for a team that has been without its star quarterback for seven games!  However, there is some tough competition ahead.  The Packers play the Carolina Panthers on December seventeenth, the Vikings on December twenty-third, and the Detroit Lions on December thirty-first.  These are three powerhouse teams coming up that we have to be ready for.  In fact, the Panthers just squared off against the Vikings in week #14 and what a game that was too!  Plus the Lions won their last game as well, and all three of these teams honestly have been doing quite well for themselves.  So, in closing, it will take a decisive amount of effort, but if we push I think we can make it to the playoffs and then beyond that as well!

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