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Packers Fall Short of NFC Playoffs

The NFC playoffs showcase the six teams from each of the National Football League’s two conferences, and for the first time since 2008, the Green Bay Packers have missed the playoffs. This highly successful team’s fate in the NFC wild-card chase was sealed by Atlanta’s win over the Buccaneers. The loss of 31-24 against the Carolina Panthers on December 17th made clear the Packers would not participate in the NFL playoffs.

With a combination of Cam Newton, Christian McCaffery, and Greg Olsen, the Panthers had a strong force against the Packers. Olsen secured Newton by his earning 12 targets and catching nine of them for 116 yards along with a touchdown.

As an influential part of the Packers winning games, many believe Aaron Rodgers wasn’t ready in his first game since breaking his collarbone in Week 6. With underthrown balls throughout the game, his arm strength may not have been where it could be with full recovery.

Although performance was shown by the player who led the team in touchdown passes during the first season’s quarter, his nine-week absence may have left him falling short.

With the Packers out of the playoffs, Rodgers may be down for the rest of the season to recover for next year. The Packers are experiencing a cut to their season which is unusual as they are perennially considered a Super Bowl contestant.  

With a 7-9 record, the Packers’ third straight defeat was the first losing record since 2008.

Detroit had gained victory over the short-handed Packers football team on Sunday, December 31st.

With a 35-11 win, the Lions finished strong completing the matchup of teams out of the NFL playoffs.

Packers football coach Mike McCarthy stated that “The way we took care of the football today was unacceptable, and obviously had a big impact on the game”.

Mike McCarthy ended his 12th season as head coach with the loss of the Detroit Lions game.

As he didn’t have much to say following the dispiriting loss, he did make it clear that he thought the team’s energy was really good in the beginning. In the second half of the game, the energy just wasn’t what it needed to be.

An evaluation process of the Packers football team players is to be continued by McCarthy as he reviews the last game tape. McCarthy says he’ll get the data into the football operations, and final evaluations with the players will be carried out in high gear.

A recovered onside kick from the Packers launched the start of the game against Detroit on Sunday.

Soon after the kick, Jarrad Davis had picked off a bobbled pass by Jamaal Williams, which gave Detroit the advantage. Compared to the Packers, the Lions had finished the season with a 9-7 winning record in consecutive seasons.

The game against the Lions was entered without Aaron Rodgers, Davante Adams, Jordy Nelson, and Aaron Jones. These are just a few of the missing influential players who didn’t participate in Sunday’s game against Detroit.

Following the shortfall of the NFL playoffs, the defensive side of the Packers may experience a change in the offseason. Adam Schefter of ESPN reported the Packers football team will move on from Dom Capers, the defensive coordinator. Further changes are left unknown, as the team is on the time for a change. The outside linebacker for the Green Bay Packers, Nick Perry, stated that “The only thing we can do now is just look forward and just move in the right direction”.


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