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Packers Contribute to Green Bay Ranking as #1 Mid-Sized Sports City

What do people think of instantly when they think of Green Bay, Wisconsin? Cheese? No. Lake Michigan? No. Budding industry and freight shipping? No. Peninsulas? No. Football? Absolutely! Green Bay Wisconsin has earned recognition time and time again for being a top sports state through their relentless support of the Green Bay Packer and for Packers football in general.

Green Bay, Wisconsin 

WalletHub labeled Green Bay, Wisconsin as the number one football city in America this year, and now the city can also boast of being the number one mid-sized sports city in the country too. We looked at an interview with Brad Toll, who is the president and CEO of the Greater Green Bay Convention and Visitors Bureau. Does he work for the Packers? No. Does he love the effect the Packers have had on the city? Absolutely. Toll says that:

  • “He (a coworker) said there is just something you feel when you come here that you just don’t get in other areas. And he’s a huge Patriots fan. He said you love this team and you can feel it in the community. It feels good whether you are a Packers fan or not.”

Toll is simply extolling the virtue of the Packers team and the sort of energy and pizzazz the team brings to the city. Green Bay actually does not stack up incredibly well when you compare their other sports teams to those in similar-sized cities (in terms of fan followings, not the skill of teams), but the fervor of Packer’s enthusiasm makes all the difference indeed.

Toll went on to discuss the benefit that the Packers have on the economy of the city:

  • “It’s great for us from a marketing standpoint. We have a newsletter with 130,000 addresses. We can share this information. It all leads to additional visits. We are on a lot of people’s bucket lists, whether they are a Packers fan or not.”

It is easy to see that this sports team is having a very positive effect on the city, and for that, the city is even more thankful. Lambeau Field makes great income for the city every year and commerce within the city because of the team is always phenomenal. 

One thing that I found really interesting was that the Green Bay city ranked at 17th in basketball among mid-sized cities and as far back as 35th in soccer, and they actually ranked as last in baseball and hockey! This was crazy with these rankings despite the city having successful hockey programs with their local St. Norbert College and their Green Bay Gamblers. But the truth here is that the sheer passion for the NFL football team just leaves everything behind and makes up for all the dips in all the other areas by far.

When I looked at the survey again, I saw that according to WalletHub, they had named the city once again number one among no less than 244 football cities, way ahead of the second-place Pittsburgh for their love of the Steelers. Then, I also found out that in the most recent, much bigger survey which goes over all sports in general and not just football, Green Bay was top of the list in cities with a population between 100,000 and 300,00.  You can’t deny the love that this city has for their football team. You just can’t deny it.

Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers have had a somewhat hit and miss season. Things started off really well until Aaron Rodgers got sacked and broke his collarbone. Now, it’s hard to say where the rest of this season will end up. The team is rallying though, and every season they are getting a little bit better.

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