How the Packers Took Advantage of Their Early Bye Week

A bye week for the Green Bay Packers could not have come at a better time.  This unusually early bye week did the team some good as they were pretty beat up after some really intense games.  The team just recently returned to work this past Monday and practiced their plays and their strategies for about 90 minutes at nearly full strength as a few key defensive players returned from injury from previous games.  It was thought that the bye week really did arrive at the exact right time, as everyone needed a break.  Morgan Burnett, veteran safety player, had this to say about the bye week:

  • “The bye couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.  Now we’re getting guys back, getting guys healthy, and that’s what you really want going down the stretch.”

Now that the team is fresh and healed up and doing well, it is thought that the overall, improved health of the team after a week off comes not a moment too soon as the Packers warm up and get ready to host their game against the famous New York Giants on the ninth of October.

How the Team is Looking Now

The team is better off now after their break, but they still aren’t up to full capacity, which has some players pretty worried.  For example, defensive back Micah Hyde had this to say about the upcoming game:

  • “We need everybody out there.  It’s going to be a competitive game.”

It isn’t just the players who are hoping that the team is back up to strength either.  Coach Mike McCarthy commented recently that he would have to wait to see exactly how the injured players who returned to the field fared in their practice before assessing for himself just how healthy the Packers will be for their next game against the Giants.  However, after seeing the Packers play in practice, he did not comment one way or the other as to his thoughts about their recovery.

All in all, the team is in much better shape physically now after their bye week, and there’s enough hope and stamina in the air that most feel as though the game against the Giants will be a win for the Packers.  It’ll be a highly competitive game for both teams as the Giants have had tensions and concerns on their own team the likes of which are not experienced usually this early on with most NFL teams, so the game will at least be an interesting one if nothing else.

What Rest Can Do for a Team

The general consensus one way or the other is that the bye week did wonders for the Green Bay Packers.  Almost every NFL team will have some injuries that come about as a result of it, which is to be assumed and planned for.  Coincidentally, though the Packers have been playing a good season so far, they for lack of a better phrase have been getting beaten up one side and down the other physically, even though they have been winning most of their games and pulling off great plays.  Thankfully, the bye week was perfect for them and the rest was what they needed to recharge their batteries and heal their bodies and get ready to bring the heat against the Giants.  The Green Bay players are unfazed about the fact that having the bye after only three games means the team will have to finish the season with a long, uninterrupted stretch of 13 games and possibly more once the postseason comes around.  They’ve taken their bye week and they’re standing by it.  One way or the other, we will see soon enough if it was a wise decision or not.

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