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How the Packers Regrouped During a Bye Week

Well, this bye week could not have come at a better time for our Green Bay Packers. While the initial shock of seeing Aaron Rodgers go down may have worn off, that hasn’t changed the fact that the season has taken a turn for the worse since then. This is actually very reminiscent of last season when the Packers had to take an early bye week because of a massive influx of injuries pretty early on in the season. We thought this was going to be a less injurious season, but that sadly has not been the case.

Much-Needed Bye Week

Losing Rodgers has been painful for the team, but they were able thankfully to regroup during their bye week and get the team grooved into how they are going to play out the rest of their season. The team went from four wins and one loss to now four wins and four losses, all starting with the game where Rodgers got hurt when playing in Minnesota against the Vikings. Truly that says something for how important this iconic quarterback is for the team.

Veteran linebacker Clay Matthews had this to say about the bye week, the injuries, and the future of the season for the team:

  • “I think at this point the whole kind of disaster, if you want to say when you lose your starting quarterback that we had in Minnesota is behind us now and we’re focused on everyone in this locker room and what we need to do to move forward. I don’t think much as changed as far as the message. It’s just about getting it done with the guys we have. Guys look like they’re as fresh as we’ve been in some time as far as injuries. Took some time away from the game, hopefully, we can come back, bounce back and get us a big win because we really need it.”

Inspiring words to say the least, and something to remember as the Packers continue with their games into the future. We are hoping that the team won’t be so injury stricken going into the future, but Rodgers has not been the only one who has suffered. Receiver Jordy Nelson, who had to sit out a couple games already this season due to injuries, had this to say about the bad luck the Packers have been having this season with injuries:

  • “I don’t like when people come out and say everyone else has to do a little bit more, because if you can do a little bit now, why weren’t you doing that little bit more earlier? So, everyone still has to just prepare the same, go out and play to the best of our ability and just believe in Brett.”

Green Bay Packers

Hopes are high and we just keep looking to the future for a good turnaround for our Green Bay Packers. One thing is for certain though, watching Packers football is always entertaining, even more so than your average NFL football! The next few games will really be the deciding factor on how this pans out and on how the Packers will do the rest of the season. None of us are fooling ourselves, the future is not as certain as it was in week four or five, but there is a still a chance that the Packers will be able to rally their team and score some great wins. The great thing about this team is that the morale is very high, even in light of Aaron Rodgers’s injuries and all that they mean for the team.

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