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How Green Bay can Rebound from NFC Title Loss this Season

Training camp is coming to an end and the first preseason game is almost here. While preseason is just that preseason, the team is in a familiar position and eager to start the regular NFL season. The devastating loss to the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC title game is still weighing on the minds of players, ownership, and fans alike. This, the third NFC title loss, will be fresh for all Packer’s fans as the start of the season kicks off. The start of the season must kick off with a boom. If the Green Bay Packers can get off to a strong start, then the sadness and disappointment of that Title loss will dissipate. If the Packers end their season with another NFC Title defeat or even worse, no playoff berth, it will surely result in a shakeup of the front office and coaching. Nevertheless, the team must start fast to gain momentum to free themselves of the embarrassment of the 44-21 loss to the Falcons. In order for this to happen, several things need to fall into place.

Green Bay Packers 2017 Season Theme

Every year Mike McCarthy provides a theme for the upcoming season. In previous years, post-NFC Title loss, he has given different themes and non-themed years. After the Seahawks defeat, the coaching choice was not to discuss the loss and ‘completely’ forget about it. This was followed by a 4-6 season start that took Green Bay out of position to host the NFC Title game at Lambeau Field. The theme for this year should be ‘Fast Start.’ They need to kick the tires and light the fires if it were to boost morale and get the team energized for another season. Key positional places have been filled by free agency and the draft. The team is lacking experience in the defense, but a solid run game and pass rush could help mask those deficiencies. Playing fast and getting out to quick leads should be their motto this season because it was Atlanta’s fast flying defense that was able to keep them in check.

Packer’s Offense

This is the time of the year when fans and analysts alike look over rosters and decide who has fixed previous years problems and bettered themselves overall. On paper, the Pack is looking as strong as ever on the offensive side of the ball. This speed, power, and experience should get them out to early leads in all their games. The team as added Bennett and Kendricks to their TE group, which should only provide Rogers with more weapons. These two will bring a great level of skill and experience to that position. These big bodies will help in the run game (which desperately needs to produce this year) as Kendricks is an above average run blocker; both of whom can get up to the second level and take on backers and CBs. The NFL season is a growling one, one that requires production from everyone on the team. If these Tight Ends can show they were worth the acquisition, then the team could get off to a great start. Rogers and his top flight receivers must regain midseason form and light up opposing defenses. Finally, if they can get any type of running game to one, control the clock and wear out the defenses and two, pull another body down into the box, then the offense could be unstoppable.

2017 NFL Season

The keys for a Green Bay rebound this year will be a good start to the season. The offense must light up the field in the air and on the ground. A well-balanced offense is the key to a great start. They must take the pressure off the defense, but who also must show up. Rogers and the offense cannot continue to get involved in shootouts. A strong start to the season will definitely help the team overcome their NFC Title loss from last year.

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