Green Bay Vs. Seattle

seahawks-vs-packers-nfl-preseason-week-3The last time Green Bay visited Seattle, the night ended in a play that was one of the most talked-about in recent NFL history: the famed “Fail Mary.” So it is certainly safe to say that the Packers are just as thirsty for the rematch with the reigning league champs as the fans are. The Packers are Seattle’s opponent for the annual NFL Kickoff Opener this Thursday and coach Mike McCarthy is already expecting an extremely physical game according to sources. The game will not be about one team driving the other out of its game agenda. It will be about which strength is stronger. It is a classic setup: The NFL’s best quarterback playing against the NFL’s best defense.

Green Bay’s best strategy at this point may be its no-huddle. Speeding up the game will not stop the secondary or the sheer strength of the defensive line, but it would give them no time for substitution. This technique would potentially weaken Seattle’s extremely physical defense and give Green Bay the advantage. Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos brought the no-huddle into the Super Bowl last February and got shutdown, so why would the Packers be more successful? Two very important reasons: Precision and Balance. 

Green Bay was a justifiable NFC contender last season before Aaron Rodgers got injured and the Packers lost the race for home-field advantage. With Rodgers back and better than ever, Green Bay will prove to be an even stronger contender this season and could possibly challenge the Seattle Seahawks for the NFC.

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