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Green Bay Packers Team with Microsoft to Boost Entrepreneurship in Wisconsin

As the 2017 season progresses, the Green Bay Packers are in the news once again, but this time for something completely unrelated to football. This time, they are in the news for making a huge effort to boost entrepreneurship in Wisconsin. Recently, the Green Bay Packers teamed up with Microsoft on a huge project to boost entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial ideas in Wisconsin. 

Microsoft and Green Bay

For the specifics on this, the Green Bay Packers teamed up with Microsoft to put together a ten million dollar venture, designed to spark innovation and new ideas and general entrepreneurial ventures within the state. The partnership is called TitletownTech, and the Packers and Microsoft will each contribute five million to the initiative to basically fund Wisconsin startups.  Located right next to Lambeau Field, this initiative will offer an eighteen-week accelerator program and also bring help to existing businesses as well. The idea is to create a venture capital fund to help get new companies and new business ideas off the ground, and this partnership is truly great to have happened right now towards the end of 2017 when Wisconsin needs it the most.

The Microsoft President Brad Smith had this to say about the partnership:

  • “By combining the Green Bay Packers’ deep engagement in this community and our expertise in helping businesses digitally transform, we believe TitletownTech will be a valuable resource for Wisconsin and a model for fostering economic development in other parts of the country.”

Furthermore, Microsoft and the Packers have bigger plans for the future of this partnership, as they plan in 2018 to seek out more investors. They will donate all returns from the venture fund to economic development in Wisconsin and charity too. 

Green Bay Packers

For us Green Bay Packers fans, it comes as no real surprise to see our team out there doing great things like this. Really Packers football has a lot more to it than just NFL football, and this most recent news is so indicative of that. Here we have our beloved team bringing the heat once again, but this time not on the football field. This time our favorite guys in green and yellow are making a decisive effort to boost the economy in their own home state, something we can all be very happy and very proud of them doing. Certainly, it is the view of this Packers fan that this team constantly goes above and beyond the competition and really works hard to not only be a great football team but to be great to their community and to their home state as well.

Our friends at the Green Bay Packers have definitely experienced a bit of a hardship losing Aaron Rodgers as the quarterback. Rodgers is huge and he is undoubtedly a crucial player for his team, and it will be difficult to see how the rest of this season will go with him out of the picture at least for the time being. We all have our fingers crossed that he will get better soon, but it is hard to say exactly what will end up happening for this iconic legend of football. 

Looking forward to the future, we have upcoming games with the Lions, the Bears who we have already beaten once this year, the Ravens, the Steelers, and the Buccaneers. Things could be interesting with these next few games, but our faith in our team is strong and in their teamwork too. We are second for NFC North, and far from out of the running for a playoffs appearance. Aaron Rodgers injury in the game against the Vikings definitely set us back, but it’s not over yet!

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