Game Recap: Bears vs. Packers

What a game!  Again, the Green Bay Packers pulled out a victory, but as is their trademark so far for this season, it wasn’t an incredibly clean victory.  The Green Bay Packers are currently at four wins and two losses for the season, which is good news.  Their two losses, one to the Vikings and the other to the Cowboys have been pretty brutal though, and they haven’t had a super clean, absolutely bone crushing victory yet.

This week’s game against the Bears was no different.  Their 26-10 victory over the hapless Chicago Bears looks good on paper, but it wasn’t until the second half that the Packers really started to live up to their reputation and started to do incredibly well.  Most of that too was thanks to three second-half touchdowns from quarterback Aaron Rodgers.  True enough, a game that started as a snoozer ended with bang as Aaron Rodgers led the Packers on three straight scoring drives in the second half to put them far ahead of the Bears.

The Bears, at one win and six losses for the season should have been a lot easier to beat than that, but the Packers weren’t on their game in the first half like they should have been.  This game wasn’t the cakewalk for Green Bay that the score suggests it to be.  In truth, the Packers’ offense struggled to click in the first half and reluctantly settled for field goals on two different occasions instead. Green Bay really did become impatient with only getting three points from their deep drives so they rolled the dice on a 4th and 1 on the Chicago one-yard line to try for a big point surge.

The General Consensus

The general consensus is that the Packers played a good game, but they need to up the ante a bit.  They lost pretty badly last week to the Dallas Cowboys, a game that a lot of people thought the Mighty Pack was going to win.  This win over the Bears was a good win, but it could have been even better than it was.  The Green Bay Packers are arguably one of the best teams in the NFL, and though their score looks good now, they need to really bring the heat in their next few games to have a solid chance at going for the Super Bowl this year.

Spirits are pretty high though amongst the Packers’ fan base, as they should be too.  It was a good victory for them all.  In fact, right as Cheeseheads began grumbling and murmuring “Here we go again,” Rodgers brought the heat and really started to play the game with the impressive potential that he’s known for. He led the Packers on a very impressive 85-yard drive that started with a 30-yard run from Montgomery and ended with a five-yard touchdown pass to Davante Adams that sealed the deal for Green Bay

Rodgers wouldn’t stop there either.  Now that the morale was there and the head of steam was there, it was a perfect opportunity to show what the Packers are truly capable of.  The Packers’ next two drives ended with red zone scores as Rodgers connected with Adams for both of their second touchdowns of the night and went on to find Randall Cobb late in the fourth to wrap the whole game up with a pretty bow and everything.

All in all, this was a game that went from hum drum to full of excitement real fast.  It was one of those classic NFL games that really shows you that you never really know how the game is going to pan out until it does.  Nothing is set in stone, and nothing is predictable in an NFL game, no matter the players.  Hopes are high for the Packers now, and fans and team members alike are now focusing their attention on the upcoming games of the season and how to take their four wins and two losses score and turn it into a lot more wins and little to no more losses.

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