December 31, 1967

The Ice Bowl
iceThe Packers faced the Cowboys for the second year in a row in the NFL Championship games, and they had followed up the previous years victory with a win over the AFL in the first Super Bowl. This matchup was such a legendary matchup on so many levels, coaching, players, the weather… the weather. Both coaches would become Hall of Fame coaches with legendary reputations, but they both first crossed paths when they were coordinators for the Giants. Landry took over the Defensive Coordinator position while still playing cornerback and Lobardi was the Offensive Coordinator. Both these men were amazing minds crafting a game plan for their specialty, and it would prove to be quite an amazing matchup when they went head to head.

Game-time temperature was around 15 below and everything was frozen: from the referees whistle, to the bands instruments, to the field itself. In what could be their last offensive drive, the Packers took over possession with 4:50 left in the game. Starr led his team down the field with three key completions: a 13-yard pass to Dowler, a 12-yarder to running back Donny Anderson, and a 19-yard throw to fullback Chuck Mercein. Then Mercein ran 8 yards to a first down on the Cowboys’ 3-yard line on the next play. Twice Anderson attempted to run the ball into the end zone, but both times he was tackled at the 1-yard line, the second time after his footing failed on the icy field. By then the thermometer read twenty below zero.

Starr returned to the huddle and called a Brown right 31 Wedge,but with him keeping the ball. Jerry Kramer and center Ken Bowman executed a double-team on left defensive tackle Jethro Pugh as Starr crossed the goal line. Bart Starr’s last play with just seconds on the clock scored for the Green Bay win. The coldest NFL game on record couldn’t stop the Packers, who went on to a second Super Bowl victory.

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