Cowboys vs. Packers

Things are really starting to look pretty interesting this year for the Green Bay Packers.  So far this team has played a good season.  They are at three wins and only one loss, better off than the teams they’ve played so far for sure.  Not all of their wins have been straight steals though, with their first game against the Jaguars being hard won and barely scraped victory.  Then again though, their one loss against the Vikings wasn’t necessarily a horrendous defeat either.  In the Packers’ only loss so far of the season they still played a good game and really put the Vikings through their paces and just didn’t quite make the last few plays that they needed to make to win that game.

With the above in mind, the eyes are on the Packers for their game against the Cowboys.  Not everyone agrees with that statement though.  The Cowboys haven’t taken their bye week yet, and have therefore played one more game than the Packers have, and they’ve won four out of five of their games so far this season.

So then, why are the majority of the predictions still edging towards a victory for the Mighty Pack?  There are a couple of reasons why.

The Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys

These teams are no strangers towards each other.  The reason why most commentators are agreeing that the odds are in favor of the Packers for this game is because the Green Bay Packers have had a history of beating the Dallas Cowboys.  In fact, the Green Bay Packers are 5-0 straight up and 4-1 against the spread in their last five games against the Dallas Cowboys throughout previous seasons!  These are pretty good odds for them.

To make matters even better for the Packers, they will be playing at their home field as well, which always seems to give this team a very strong advantage.  The Packers are in a pretty good mood too.  Last week they beat the New York Giants by 187 total yards and a total time of possession with 36:38 on the clock.  Feelings have been pretty good for this team so far, and hopes are high that this will be another Lambeau Field win for the Mighty Pack.

For the second straight game, Green Bay took a double-digit lead in the first half and was content to ride it out in the second half. Eddie Lacy left the game early in the second half with an ankle injury, leaving his status for this Sunday’s game up in the air.

But the problem is, the Dallas Cowboys have been playing quite well so far this season too.  With four wins and only one loss, their scores speak for themselves.  The Dallas Cowboys have a tendency to lose to the Packers, but that could change at any moment.  Certainly, though most are tending to say that the smart money is with the Packers this time too, there is more doubt and uncertainty on the outcome of this game than there has been for any of the Packers’ other games so far.  A lot of people are arguing that the deciding factor is the location that the game is being played.  Lambeau Field.  For many, that’s what it all comes down too.  After all, the win over New York last Sunday was Green Bay’s 11th straight home win in the month of October, so it’s looking pretty good for them.  Dallas has a good team this year though, and anything could happen.  Fingers are crossed on both sides of the field, and only time will tell who will walk away victorious.

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