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Competition Among the Receivers: Who Will Make the Cut

Training camp is right around the corner. The excitement to see and hear who have kept themselves in shape, bettered their speed, build more strength or are surprising rookie standouts is palpable. The Green Bay Packers need their young defensive backs to show up and blow up. They are in desperate need of, at the very least, serviceable DB’s. The team is solid at Quarterback and wide receiver, these are the two positions that the Pack can count on. Aaron Rodgers has a great set of wide receivers to throw to, but is there any competition at that position? Competition brings out the best of professional athletes. The three starters all, but have their starting roles in place for next year. Who will be their backups?

Starting Receivers

The three starting receivers for the Green Bay Packers are Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, and Davante Adams. The absence of Nelson a few seasons ago was beyond noticeable. He is their number one receiver, but only when Cobb is on the field. The two receivers get so much attention from opposing defenses. These receivers could be the best duo in the NFL when they are at their best. Cobb is incredible in the slot and Jordy is a huge down the field target. The pack and McCarthy have been patient with the development of Adams and it has paid off. He has more than doubled the receiving yards of his last two seasons. Adams also quadrupled his touchdowns from his first two seasons combined. His continued growth could prove to make the Packers receiving corps a formidable force that keeps opposing defenses from loading the box and/or blitzing.

Competition for Roster Spots

The top three WR spots are all locked up. That leaves several back up spots for these players. These spots are critical positions considering the amount of time that Cobb and Nelson have missed due to injury. Jeff Janis had seen considerable time due to these injuries and is a great fourth receiver option but has not proven to be a viable long term option. His familiarity with the offense and experience will help the rookies acclimate to the pros and their growth in the McCarthy offense. Although, this could lead to his imminent demise if the rookies can prove they were worth their draft selection.

Geronimo Allison proved to be quite the steal of the draft in 2016 as he came in during Cobb’s hamstring injury. He came in and really showed a great amount of potential. He had twelve catches for 202 yards and two touchdowns. He should show some improvement on his route running ability, which could start to take some snaps away from Janis and even Adams. Ty Montgomery played a crucial role as he transitioned into a role as a running back. This gave the Packers offense another dynamic play maker, which will also provide them with depth at both positions in the next season.

Additions at the Position

To better the competition at this position the Packers have signed Malachi Dupre (LSU), Trevor Davis (cracked practice squad and made plays against the Falcons), Yancey (Purdue), Crockett (Georgia Southern) and Pearson (BYU). These rookies have impressive college stat lines and look to bolster the competition at this position. The team will have an impressive WR battle during camp. If the Packers keep 7 receivers like last year that leaves at least one roster spot. Nelson, Cobb, Adams, Davis, Janis, Allison and one more player, unless some of the camp bodies/rookies beat out Davis or Janis. Malachi Dupre has played in big games at a big school and seems to have the intangibles to crack the 53 man roster for that final position. No matter who ends up making the 53 man roster, it should be an interesting and exciting battle.

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