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Packers Contribute to Green Bay Ranking as #1 Mid-Sized Sports City

What do people think of instantly when they think of Green Bay, Wisconsin? Cheese? No. Lake Michigan? No. Budding industry and freight shipping? No. Peninsulas? No. Football? Absolutely! Green Bay Wisconsin has earned recognition time and time again for being a top sports state through their relentless support of the Green Bay Packer and for Packers football in general.

Green Bay, Wisconsin 

WalletHub labeled Green Bay, Wisconsin as the number one football city in America this year, and now the city can also boast of being the number one mid-sized sports city in the country too. We looked at an interview with Brad Toll, who is the president and CEO of the Greater Green Bay Convention and Visitors Bureau. Does he work for the Packers? No. Does he love the effect the Packers have had on the city? Absolutely. Toll says that:

  • “He (a coworker) said there is just something you feel when you come here that you just don’t get in other areas. And he’s a huge Patriots fan. He said you love this team and you can feel it in the community. It feels good whether you are a Packers fan or not.”

Toll is simply extolling the virtue of the Packers team and the sort of energy and pizzazz the team brings to the city. Green Bay actually does not stack up incredibly well when you compare their other sports teams to those in similar-sized cities (in terms of fan followings, not the skill of teams), but the fervor of Packer’s enthusiasm makes all the difference indeed.

Toll went on to discuss the benefit that the Packers have on the economy of the city:

  • “It’s great for us from a marketing standpoint. We have a newsletter with 130,000 addresses. We can share this information. It all leads to additional visits. We are on a lot of people’s bucket lists, whether they are a Packers fan or not.”

It is easy to see that this sports team is having a very positive effect on the city, and for that, the city is even more thankful. Lambeau Field makes great income for the city every year and commerce within the city because of the team is always phenomenal. 

One thing that I found really interesting was that the Green Bay city ranked at 17th in basketball among mid-sized cities and as far back as 35th in soccer, and they actually ranked as last in baseball and hockey! This was crazy with these rankings despite the city having successful hockey programs with their local St. Norbert College and their Green Bay Gamblers. But the truth here is that the sheer passion for the NFL football team just leaves everything behind and makes up for all the dips in all the other areas by far.

When I looked at the survey again, I saw that according to WalletHub, they had named the city once again number one among no less than 244 football cities, way ahead of the second-place Pittsburgh for their love of the Steelers. Then, I also found out that in the most recent, much bigger survey which goes over all sports in general and not just football, Green Bay was top of the list in cities with a population between 100,000 and 300,00.  You can’t deny the love that this city has for their football team. You just can’t deny it.

Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers have had a somewhat hit and miss season. Things started off really well until Aaron Rodgers got sacked and broke his collarbone. Now, it’s hard to say where the rest of this season will end up. The team is rallying though, and every season they are getting a little bit better.


Packers vs. Steelers Predictions: How Did They Pan Out

Well, the Green Bay Packers played against the Pittsburgh Steelers on 11/26/17, and suffice it to say that, even though we did not get a win, we did give those Steelers a run for their money. I think it is safe to say that for those of us who were optimistic about this past Sunday’s game, we were not all that disappointed. For those of us who were pessimistic about this past Sunday’s game, I think it is safe to say that we were actually very surprised that the Packers football game was on point as much as it was.

Green Bay vs. Pittsburgh 

I did some light reading to see what the predictions actually were prior to this NFL football game that had everyone feeling so glum. Obviously, with the Steelers coming in at eight wins and only two losses so far this season, most of the predictions were pretty brutal for our Packers who have lost all but one game since Aaron Rodgers broke his collarbone in their game against the Minnesota Vikings.

I found an article that had three different predictions in it for how the Packers would perform in their game against the Steelers, all from NFL football gurus who have more weight to swing around in the predictions department than I do. Here is what they said:

  • Darryl Slater said: “Without Aaron Rodgers, the Packers just aren’t quite the same. No great news flash there. Green Bay has lost four of its past five games and might miss the playoffs for the first time since 2008. A tall order for the Packers to win at 8-2 Pittsburgh without Rodgers. Too tall, in fact. Steelers 35, Packers 7.”
  • James Kratch said: “It’s not a shock Brett Hundley has been unable to keep the Packers afloat until Aaron Rodgers can come back (if he can come back), but it is a bit surprising how bad Green Bay has been with him at quarterback. The surging Steelers should roll at home. Steelers 34, Packers 17.”
  • Joe Giglio said: “If the offense is truly catching up to the defense in Pittsburgh, watch out. The Steelers should be focused on one thing down the stretch: Securing home-field advantage away from the Patriots. Steelers 30, Packers 17.”

All of these fellows certainly know their football, but the Packers did better than every single prediction, and for that, I am proud of them. Brett Hundley may not be performing the kinds of miracles with the Packers that Rodgers can, but he is keeping the team together, and every game they seem to get a little bit more organized and a little bit better at their game. 

The Packers Going Forward

We are coming up on a game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on December third who have four wins seven losses, and a game against the Cleveland Browns on December tenth, who have lost all of their games so far this year. I am definitely optimistic about the next two games, statistically, our Green Bay Packers should be able to take two victories in these upcoming games. 

The area the Packers really need to improve on the most is just overall organization as a team. If they can do this then they will be in the clear. They have been getting better and better with each game as Brett has been rallying the team members around him, so here is to hoping for two sound victories in the upcoming games! They played better than predicted against the Steelers, so there is no reason they won’t do the same in the next two games. 

aaron rodgers return

Will Aaron Rodgers Return to the Field in 2017

The biggest topic for discussion so far this year in Packers football has been Aaron Rodgers’s injury, and whether or not he will return to the field of play this year. He broke his clavicle collarbone in the game against the Minnesota Vikings on October 15th, and he has not appeared in a game since then. His first comment was that:

  • “First of all, I want to be healthy. That’s the most important thing. But if we’re healthy in eight weeks and it would make sense to come back then I’m going to come back,” Rodgers said.

Will Rodgers Return?

We want what is best for Rodgers, but we also want what is best for the Green Bay Packers, and we’d be kidding ourselves to say that the team’s been doing okay without him because they haven’t. When questioned about the extent of the injury and what exactly he’s doing about it so he can still be a part of NFL football, Rodgers said that:

  • “It’s healing. I’m on the IR so it’s at least eight weeks and at that point it’s has the bone healed properly or not and we’ll make a decision when we get there. I spent the first three days after the injury doing a lot of research, not only on where I wanted to get the surgery but on remedies to increase healing. Talked to people during that time. Obviously a lot of down time now, a lot of rabbit holes to go down as far as alternative ways of increasing that time that are obviously natural and legal and safe. But ultimately it comes down to blood flow to that area and how fast it lays down to the bone there.”

We can see from his own statements that he is spending a lot of time and committing a lot of effort to trying to heal up and get better, and we are very thankful for that. We are thankful he’s been working so hard to patch himself up so he can potentially get back out there and finish the season.

This injury had us all shellshocked, seeing Rodgers go down like that and then watching the rest of the team struggle in most of the games since then. Brett Hundley has been trying to do his best to be a good backup quarterback for the team, but he’s no Rodgers, that’s for sure. All of our fingers are crossed now to see exactly where the future will be for this season with Rodgers seeming to be down for the count for a good while at least.

Green Bay Packers

It is the personal belief of this writer that it is unlikely that the Packers quarterback will return to the field of the Green Bay Packers this season. As much as we all want him to and as much as he is trying to do so, it is unlikely he will risk further injury just to play in the last couple games of the season. There are only six games left in the regular season, and Rodgers would have to do a lot of healing in a very short amount of time for us to see him back on the field once again.

Better yet, I think let him heal, let him take really great care of himself with lots of healing methods, and have him back in action next year. Do not forget that he broke the collarbone on his throwing shoulder, so this will take some time to get back up to par. It is better to let him really take care of that injury the right way and hit it hard next season!

packers and martellus bennett

Releasing Martellus Bennett: What the Packers Could’ve Done Better

A recent win against the Bears has us Green Bay Packers fans feeling a little more comfortable and a little less terrified as to where this season is going. We had been dealing with a bit of a losing streak for a hot minute there, and though that many losses in a row is not uncommon in NFL football, it is uncommon in NFL Packers football. 

Martellus Bennett

In light of all of the drama and commotion regarding the Packers this season, how about that Martellus Bennett? It just doesn’t get much more dramatic than that. Here’s a free agent who was playing with the New England Patriots last year, came and signed a twenty-one million dollar contract with the Packers for three years, and then bailed in his first year. Man, if that’s not a low blow then I don’t know what is.

It all comes down to this whole shoulder scapegoat. Here is what Martellus Bennett had to say:

  • “The Packers examined my shoulder on my visit March 10 and cleared it…. Every week we do a body evaluation sheet in the weight and pretty much every week I circled my shoulder. I just kept playing but it got worse.”

But other plays say differently. They say they didn’t even know about his shoulder until Tuesday of the bye week. They say that Martellus Bennett is using the shoulder as a scapegoat for a good excuse to duck on out of his contract, though it may cost him some of his signing bonus. 

Green Bay Packers

So what could have the Packers done differently? If we are going to be honest here and make sure we look at what could have been done differently on both sides, we can see responsibility on both ends.

It’s the view of this blogger that the issue was with the relationship between the Packers’ doctor and Martellus Bennett. Apparently, Martellus Bennett did not “get along” with the doctor, criticizing him for pushing Bennett to play when Bennett supposedly had this terrible shoulder injury. 

I’m not saying that Dr. Pat McKenzie is in the wrong here, but it would not have hurt for there to have been more open disclosure of what was really going on with this guy’s shoulder. Realistically, it looks like Martellus Bennett is going to be playing for the New England Patriots again, so the whole shoulder thing was probably a hoax, but a lot of this drama could have been avoided had there been more open communication, and just more communication in general, between Dr. Pat McKenzie and Martellus Bennett. 

Most players often frown down on a team’s management trying to go after a player’s money, for any reason. But in this case, most players are in agreement with the possibility that Martellus Bennett will have to give back either 6.3 million of his signing bonus or possible 4.2 million of it (Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson, in particular, have disparaged Martellus Bennett for abandoning the team when they needed him most). It’s a contestable thing and the Packers have not made an official statement regarding it, but they have another month to decide if they want to go after him or not.

Well, that sure is a lot of drama, but here’s to hoping for the Green Bay Packers to make a turn around this season and get back in the saddle like we know they can. The Packers are not a team that is normally known for having embarrassing turns of events like these, so here’s to hoping for a cleaner season going forward!

packers bye week

How the Packers Regrouped During a Bye Week

Well, this bye week could not have come at a better time for our Green Bay Packers. While the initial shock of seeing Aaron Rodgers go down may have worn off, that hasn’t changed the fact that the season has taken a turn for the worse since then. This is actually very reminiscent of last season when the Packers had to take an early bye week because of a massive influx of injuries pretty early on in the season. We thought this was going to be a less injurious season, but that sadly has not been the case.

Much-Needed Bye Week

Losing Rodgers has been painful for the team, but they were able thankfully to regroup during their bye week and get the team grooved into how they are going to play out the rest of their season. The team went from four wins and one loss to now four wins and four losses, all starting with the game where Rodgers got hurt when playing in Minnesota against the Vikings. Truly that says something for how important this iconic quarterback is for the team.

Veteran linebacker Clay Matthews had this to say about the bye week, the injuries, and the future of the season for the team:

  • “I think at this point the whole kind of disaster, if you want to say when you lose your starting quarterback that we had in Minnesota is behind us now and we’re focused on everyone in this locker room and what we need to do to move forward. I don’t think much as changed as far as the message. It’s just about getting it done with the guys we have. Guys look like they’re as fresh as we’ve been in some time as far as injuries. Took some time away from the game, hopefully, we can come back, bounce back and get us a big win because we really need it.”

Inspiring words to say the least, and something to remember as the Packers continue with their games into the future. We are hoping that the team won’t be so injury stricken going into the future, but Rodgers has not been the only one who has suffered. Receiver Jordy Nelson, who had to sit out a couple games already this season due to injuries, had this to say about the bad luck the Packers have been having this season with injuries:

  • “I don’t like when people come out and say everyone else has to do a little bit more, because if you can do a little bit now, why weren’t you doing that little bit more earlier? So, everyone still has to just prepare the same, go out and play to the best of our ability and just believe in Brett.”

Green Bay Packers

Hopes are high and we just keep looking to the future for a good turnaround for our Green Bay Packers. One thing is for certain though, watching Packers football is always entertaining, even more so than your average NFL football! The next few games will really be the deciding factor on how this pans out and on how the Packers will do the rest of the season. None of us are fooling ourselves, the future is not as certain as it was in week four or five, but there is a still a chance that the Packers will be able to rally their team and score some great wins. The great thing about this team is that the morale is very high, even in light of Aaron Rodgers’s injuries and all that they mean for the team.

packer retirement

What Will Martellus Bennett’s Retirement Mean for the Packers

It’s pretty safe to say that us Packers fans have, between retirements and Aaron Rodgers injury, we have been holding our breaths and getting purple in the face because of it. What will happen? What will the future hold for us? What is going to become of our loved team? 

Green Bay Packers

The season started out GREAT. We had that nasty loss against Atlanta, but really our team has performed very well pretty consistently for all of their games. Even in the game against Atlanta, one would not say that our Packers perfumed “badly” necessarily. They were simply up against a team that is really good this year. That’s all. But enter in an injury for Aaron Rodgers recently and the early retirement of Martellus Bennett and things are looking a little uncertain for our beloved Green Bay Packers. Packers football and NFL football, in general, is exciting and thrilling for all of us, but the season has definitely taken a turn for the worse. 

The Packers came out of the box this season with a win against the Seahawks, a loss against the Falcons, and three pretty solid victories against the Bengals, the Bears, and the Cowboys. Now, as soon as Aaron Rodgers broke his collarbone in the game against the Vikings, things took a turn for the worse with brutal losses against the Vikings and Saints respectively. Next, the Packers are going up against the Detroit Lions pretty soon, and we are very interested to see how that game goes!

Martellus Bennett 

In recent news, veteran tight end Martellus Bennett ended his contract with the Packers prematurely. He signed a three year deal with them this past spring, a twenty-one million dollar contract at that. Bennett has been in the NFL for ten seasons now, making him a true legend and veteran. He posted on Instagram on Saturday talking about the fact that he was considering retiring, even before finishing his contract with the Packers. He said he’d finish this season with the Packers, but that he wouldn’t be coming back next year. His exact words were:

  • “After conversations with my family, I’m pretty sure these next eight games will be the conclusion of my NFL career,” Bennett wrote. “To everyone that has poured themselves and time into my life and career. These next games are for you. Thank you.”

Bennett also spoke a lot about his games with the Packers and how he’s enjoyed them and how he’s enjoyed being a team player. He was quoted in an interview earlier this month saying:

  • “It’s a long season. The season’s still getting started. For me, I left a couple of plays on the field here and there, but it’s just getting used to and getting acclimated to playing in a game-type situation with Aaron and the team and the flow of things. So just try to figure out that, try to get in a good rhythm. I haven’t really been able to get in a rhythm yet. But we’re just getting started, and we’re winning games. That’s all that really matters. It doesn’t matter if I have 10 catches or two catches. There’s a lot of stuff I’ll make an impact in the game with. It doesn’t matter if I’m getting the ball or not. If my impact on this week’s game is chipping a lot, I’m going to try to do the best job I can do chipping. If they need me to catch 10 balls, I’m going to try to go catch 10 balls. Every single week is different. I know a lot of the outside people look at statistics, but I just look at Ws.”

We will be bummed out to lose this veteran tight end, but we know Rodgers and McCarthy will work hard with the Green Bay Packers to find a replacement for him.

packers and microsoft

Green Bay Packers Team with Microsoft to Boost Entrepreneurship in Wisconsin

As the 2017 season progresses, the Green Bay Packers are in the news once again, but this time for something completely unrelated to football. This time, they are in the news for making a huge effort to boost entrepreneurship in Wisconsin. Recently, the Green Bay Packers teamed up with Microsoft on a huge project to boost entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial ideas in Wisconsin. 

Microsoft and Green Bay

For the specifics on this, the Green Bay Packers teamed up with Microsoft to put together a ten million dollar venture, designed to spark innovation and new ideas and general entrepreneurial ventures within the state. The partnership is called TitletownTech, and the Packers and Microsoft will each contribute five million to the initiative to basically fund Wisconsin startups.  Located right next to Lambeau Field, this initiative will offer an eighteen-week accelerator program and also bring help to existing businesses as well. The idea is to create a venture capital fund to help get new companies and new business ideas off the ground, and this partnership is truly great to have happened right now towards the end of 2017 when Wisconsin needs it the most.

The Microsoft President Brad Smith had this to say about the partnership:

  • “By combining the Green Bay Packers’ deep engagement in this community and our expertise in helping businesses digitally transform, we believe TitletownTech will be a valuable resource for Wisconsin and a model for fostering economic development in other parts of the country.”

Furthermore, Microsoft and the Packers have bigger plans for the future of this partnership, as they plan in 2018 to seek out more investors. They will donate all returns from the venture fund to economic development in Wisconsin and charity too. 

Green Bay Packers

For us Green Bay Packers fans, it comes as no real surprise to see our team out there doing great things like this. Really Packers football has a lot more to it than just NFL football, and this most recent news is so indicative of that. Here we have our beloved team bringing the heat once again, but this time not on the football field. This time our favorite guys in green and yellow are making a decisive effort to boost the economy in their own home state, something we can all be very happy and very proud of them doing. Certainly, it is the view of this Packers fan that this team constantly goes above and beyond the competition and really works hard to not only be a great football team but to be great to their community and to their home state as well.

Our friends at the Green Bay Packers have definitely experienced a bit of a hardship losing Aaron Rodgers as the quarterback. Rodgers is huge and he is undoubtedly a crucial player for his team, and it will be difficult to see how the rest of this season will go with him out of the picture at least for the time being. We all have our fingers crossed that he will get better soon, but it is hard to say exactly what will end up happening for this iconic legend of football. 

Looking forward to the future, we have upcoming games with the Lions, the Bears who we have already beaten once this year, the Ravens, the Steelers, and the Buccaneers. Things could be interesting with these next few games, but our faith in our team is strong and in their teamwork too. We are second for NFC North, and far from out of the running for a playoffs appearance. Aaron Rodgers injury in the game against the Vikings definitely set us back, but it’s not over yet!

aaron rodgers

Can Packers Survive Without Quarterback Aaron Rodgers

In the National Football League, there are a lot of different opinions and a lot of different viewpoints about the game and about the people involved with the game and the players and what have you. A lot of different people have certain viewpoints about which players of the most valuable. One of the age-old debates that we hear a lot in the football fandom is in regards to the value of the quarterback for any given team and the value for all of the other members of the team. A lot of teams sort of associate the success of the team based off of the quarterback, whereas others sort of associate the success of the team based off of the head coach or some other player. Sometimes you’ll get a team where the quarterback will change as many as three times in one season! Those teams are obviously not known for their quarterbacks.

Green Bay Packers

With the Green Bay Packers and the good old NFL Packers football, it is pretty 50-50 when it comes down to being known for one player. On the one hand, you’ve got Aaron Rodgers who is a phenomenally good quarterback. Hands-down, he is a solid through and through and an excellent player and excellent teammate and leader for the team. At the same time though, the overall team that is the Green Bay Packers is a very good team. This is a team of guys that works well and has a good strategy and good players very consistently. The Green Bay Packers are a consistently good team of athletes. So we have this question then, of what would happen with the Green Bay Packers if they lost Aaron Rodgers? Not that this will probably ever happen no matter what rumors you might hear, but it is still something that we wonder about.

Is this team built off of the quarterback or is the quarterback built off of the team? The viewpoint of this fan is that it is pretty well cut down the middle. Aaron Rodgers is great, but he is not the only reason why the Green Bay Packers are such a good team. They were a good team before he came along, and they will continue to be a good team after he leaves. Furthermore, the Green Bay Packers as a team, in general, are above average for each player. On average, the Green Bay Packers team players perform as average or better for the standards of the NFL for that particular player or position.

 Aaron Rodgers

In that same token though, Aaron Rodgers does bring a lot of value to the team, and his recent injury has us all worried. He has consistently led them to victory more times than not season after season after season. He has been with the Green Bay Packers for many years and has consistently performed well with no real threat of him ever being kicked off for traded or gotten rid of in any way. Overall he is a double down kinds guy and a great quarterback and a great leader to say the least. We are very happy to have him!

At the end of the day, I guess we would say that it is a little bit of both. The Green Bay Packers would not completely lose everything if they lost Aaron Rodgers, although it would definitely set them back a bit. They’ve been having a good season so far with four wins and only two losses.  They’ve had some OK games, and some really good games and only one or two not so great games. Overall things are looking pretty good for this season and there is a lot of hope that we will get an NFC win and maybe even a Super Bowl appearance.

green bay packer victories

How Packers are Using the Fourth Quarter to Secure Their Victories

Wow, we just keep getting more and more impressed with our beloved Green Bay Packers! These guys are really starting to step it up a notch and we could not be more happy with that. The Packers walked away with a hard-won win over Dallas, with the final score at 35 to 31. Once again, they showed that football is decided in the fourth quarter because the game was pretty back and forth up until that point where the Packers really stepped it up a notch and brought the heat.

The Packers showed us once again that it is a team that you cannot count as done for even if they are down at the end of the first half. They showed that they have the spirit and the organization to be able to make a strong comeback and a strong push even in the last few moments of a game and man do we love them for their ability to do just that!

Green Bay Packers

For all true Green Bay Packers fans, we are thrilled to have watched them beat Dallas, a game that we were all pretty concerned and worried about, to say the least.  This game reminded us all that Packers football is something to get excited about, to say the least, as is any kind of NFL football.

Mike McCarthy

In most games, Aaron Rodgers takes a lot of the credit for the performance, but we can’t neglect the fact that Head Coach Mike McCarthy is playing a huge role in these games too. Let’s take a look back to a quote from Mike McCarthy that I included in our blog post just last week. This shows how prepared he was to lead his team to victory over Dallas, which he most definitely did! Mike McCarthy, right after their victory over the Bengals said:

  • “The thing about Thursday night games is it’s a challenge for everybody that goes through it. Personally, my opinion, the best thing about Thursday night games is Friday morning. You do have a chance to get your players what they need, and it’s always a couple extra days to rehab or rest and recovery. Our guys are going to do it. We’ll get back together Tuesday and we’ll start our preparation for Dallas on Tuesday. Knowing what was going into this game leading up to it, too, just the preparation coming off the overtime game against the Bengals, the heat, and all those things. There were a lot of things that went into preparing for the game. I really liked the way our guys played. I was impressed with our football team. I was impressed with our young guys. Our guys got through it seamlessly and we won by 21 points. It kind of gets lost in the conversation. You beat your rival by 21, that’s a good night.”

We spoke about Mike McCarthy in our article last week, and now again we look back at his post-game commentary shortly following the Bengals victory and his predictions and thoughts for the Dallas game turned out to be very spot on! Is he a fortune teller? Either that or he’s just a really good coach!

Next up, the Green Bay Packers go up against the Vikings very soon here. This is sure to be an interesting game, to say the least. Generally speaking, with the Packers being at four wins and one loss and the Vikings being at three wins and two losses, it is generally thought that our boys in the green and yellow will win, but there is no sure thing here. We need to keep in mind that this game is going to be played on Viking grounds, so that is something to consider too.

packers and NFC

Packers Gain Momentum in Tight NFC Race

When we look at this new season of the regular NFL season, we can see that the Packers have had some good times and some bad times, but thankfully more good than bad. So far this season, we saw the Packers get hurt pretty badly by Atlanta, but we also saw them come back in pretty impressive victories like in their games against the Seahawks and the Bengals. Most recently, there was an absolutely incredible game with the Packers against the Cowboys that was incredibly close and incredibly back and forth for a long time. Truly incredible.

By and large, our green and yellow friends seem to have reassembled their forces and their wits and have shown us that they have really regrouped after their loss against Atlanta. Now, they appear to be virtually unstoppable as they take on team after team after team and continually win, win, and win. What an impressive last few weeks they have had!

Obviously, as is the case with fans of any NFL football team, we want the Packers to make it to the Superbowl, and to win. That is just what we want right?  Well, this year as always there is some pretty intense competition out there, which is pretty usual for any season. Our thoughts these days are if we can’t get a Superbowl appearance this year, let’s at least win the NFC! That we feel is not too much to ask by any means.

Green Bay Packers

For a lot of us, we live and breathe Green Bay Packers, and Packers football is our favorite of all NFL football. We’ve seen a lot of good moves and a lot of good plays by the Packers so far this season and with not nearly as many injuries and problems like we had last season. Plus, the rookies that are appearing this year are performing better than the rookies did last year, like with that last game where Geronimo Allison performed particularly well. 

We are also seeing great performances from Randall Cobb, Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews, Jordi Nelson, Devon House, and all the rest really. Things are definitely starting to look up for our team after a shaky and questionable start at the beginning of this season. In fact, it is the shared opinion of most of us Packers fans that the rest of the season will be pretty great, and we have high hopes for upcoming games. Here is what Head Coach Mike McCarthy had to say:

  • “The thing about Thursday night games is it’s a challenge for everybody that goes through it. Personally, my opinion, the best thing about Thursday night games is Friday morning. You do have a chance to get your players what they need, and it’s always a couple extra days to rehab or rest and recovery. Our guys are going to do it. We’ll get back together Tuesday and we’ll start our preparation for Dallas on Tuesday. Knowing what was going into this game leading up to it, too, just the preparation coming off the overtime game against the Bengals, the heat, and all those things. There were a lot of things that went into preparing for the game. I really liked the way our guys played. I was impressed with our football team. I was impressed with our young guys. Our guys got through it seamlessly and we won by 21 points. It kind of gets lost in the conversation. You beat your rival by 21, that’s a good night.” 

All in all, the next few games will be exciting and we just can’t wait to see them!