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Can Packers Survive Without Quarterback Aaron Rodgers

In the National Football League, there are a lot of different opinions and a lot of different viewpoints about the game and about the people involved with the game and the players and what have you. A lot of different people have certain viewpoints about which players of the most valuable. One of the age-old debates that we hear a lot in the football fandom is in regards to the value of the quarterback for any given team and the value for all of the other members of the team. A lot of teams sort of associate the success of the team based off of the quarterback, whereas others sort of associate the success of the team based off of the head coach or some other player. Sometimes you’ll get a team where the quarterback will change as many as three times in one season! Those teams are obviously not known for their quarterbacks.

Green Bay Packers

With the Green Bay Packers and the good old NFL Packers football, it is pretty 50-50 when it comes down to being known for one player. On the one hand, you’ve got Aaron Rodgers who is a phenomenally good quarterback. Hands-down, he is a solid through and through and an excellent player and excellent teammate and leader for the team. At the same time though, the overall team that is the Green Bay Packers is a very good team. This is a team of guys that works well and has a good strategy and good players very consistently. The Green Bay Packers are a consistently good team of athletes. So we have this question then, of what would happen with the Green Bay Packers if they lost Aaron Rodgers? Not that this will probably ever happen no matter what rumors you might hear, but it is still something that we wonder about.

Is this team built off of the quarterback or is the quarterback built off of the team? The viewpoint of this fan is that it is pretty well cut down the middle. Aaron Rodgers is great, but he is not the only reason why the Green Bay Packers are such a good team. They were a good team before he came along, and they will continue to be a good team after he leaves. Furthermore, the Green Bay Packers as a team, in general, are above average for each player. On average, the Green Bay Packers team players perform as average or better for the standards of the NFL for that particular player or position.

 Aaron Rodgers

In that same token though, Aaron Rodgers does bring a lot of value to the team, and his recent injury has us all worried. He has consistently led them to victory more times than not season after season after season. He has been with the Green Bay Packers for many years and has consistently performed well with no real threat of him ever being kicked off for traded or gotten rid of in any way. Overall he is a double down kinds guy and a great quarterback and a great leader to say the least. We are very happy to have him!

At the end of the day, I guess we would say that it is a little bit of both. The Green Bay Packers would not completely lose everything if they lost Aaron Rodgers, although it would definitely set them back a bit. They’ve been having a good season so far with four wins and only two losses.  They’ve had some OK games, and some really good games and only one or two not so great games. Overall things are looking pretty good for this season and there is a lot of hope that we will get an NFC win and maybe even a Super Bowl appearance.

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