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Can 2018 Draft Help Packers Find a New Tight End

The 2018 Super Bowl finalists have been decided, and while the Green Bay Packers won’t be going to Minnesota this year, at least the Vikings won’t be playing there either after being picked apart by the Eagles’ offense and nearly brick wall like defense in the semi-finals last night.

What can the Packers football organization look to improve for the 2018 regular season?

The Packers have many solid and star athletes on the team but there are a few positions that either are not filled well or may be vacated by free-agents in the coming offseason.

Some of the Packers’ biggest areas of concern or interest where they will likely look to shore up with new blood are:

  • Tight end.
  • Wide receiver.
  • Interior offensive linemen.
  • Outside linebacker.
  • Strong safety.

In the 2017 offseason, the Packers picked up free-agent Martellus Bennett to play as their tight end but for a couple of reasons he was not a good fit with the well established Aaron Rodgers style of offense.

The Packers will almost certainly be looking to fill this role either with another free-agent acquisition, or perhaps more likely in the 2018 NFL football draft.

With the expensive flop of last season’s free-agent pick-up still fresh in the Packers’ minds it is likely that they will look to the draft to fill this role.

The benefits of such a move are that you get a new player who is not as set in the ways of another offense, and who can be more easily molded to fit the needs of the team. It will also almost certainly be significantly less expensive for the Packers to go to the draft instead of a free-agent.

For the position of wide receiver, the Packers currently have Devante Adams and Jordy Nelson. Adams Has played very well for the Packers during his two seasons playing for them and the Packers will most likely try to keep him for several more seasons at least, but he is a free-agent and may decide to go elsewhere in the offseason.

This could potentially put the Packers in a tough spot as their other wide receiver, Nelson, played somewhat shakily this last season and may be asked to take a cut in pay or even potentially be released this offseason.

Both of these scenarios are only potentials right now and we will just have to watch to see how things shake out as the offseason progresses.

The Packers will also likely be looking for someone to back up Lane Taylor in the middle of their offensive line. They may look to fill this need by shifting around a player from elsewhere on the line but that will leave another starting position needing to be filled.

The role of outside linebacker is well filled by number 52, Clay Mathews, but he is expected to make an estimated $11.4 million this year in salary and bonuses and the Packers may potentially look to divert that money to other positions and let him go. If they do, they will likely look to bring in someone new to fill the position instead of shifting a rookie or another relatively inexperienced player to that role.

Also on the defensive side of things, the Packers may look to bring in some talent to shore up the position of strong safety. Currently, this position is filled by free-agent Morgan Burnett and rookie player Josh Jones who looks to possibly be struggling in the role.

With several roles to potentially fill and many promising prospects coming up into the league, it looks to be a very interesting offseason for the Packers.

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