About Per Wickstrom

Per Wickstrom

About Per Wickstrom CEO

Per Wickstrom is the CEO and founder of Best Drug Rehabilitation in Manistee, Michigan. BDR firmly believes that a holistic approach to treatment is the best route to recovery. In addition to BDR, Per has founded two other drug rehabilitation centers. He has overcome great personal obstacles and now seeks opportunities to help people beat their addictions and build better lives. Per Wickstrom rehab founder was a past addict himself.

“I was first introduced to alcohol at the age of 14. Adolescence was a really hard time and I sought comfort from any source that I could find and found my first beer. Instead of facing my problems, I learned to run away from them. Drugs became my way to escape any problems so I continued to use. My battle with addiction continued for more than 20 years until I finally sought help.”

Per Wickstrom is a long time Green Bay Packers fan and is always there to support and promote his team. “Healthy hobbies and staying active in sports and other recreational activities greatly reduces a child’s exposure to drugs and alcohol.”

“No matter how large the obstacle, you have it in you to overcome it and succeed in life. Use my story as fuel to light your fire, overcome your obstacles, and make a positive impact in society.”

2 thoughts on “About Per Wickstrom

  1. Sadie Stone

    I haven’t met him but I am big fan of Mr Wickstrom. I have heard great success stories from his rehab facilities but the most inspiring story is his own! I love his holistic and spiritual approach to getting clean and I believe that is the only way to go! I am grateful for his hard work to make this world a better place.

  2. Rj

    He is such a nice guy and his story is truly amazing. This progam that they have in Best drug rehab truly works even on thise who are a very long time addicts. He is super fro creating the rehab centers and this team. It is true that if someone is into sports or recreational activities, they are less likely to become addicts, or exposed to drugs. With sport a dn good hobbies, they can un stress easier, than if they don’t do anything, and just start to think about their every day problems. Also i think sports keep people helathier, it is good to be fit and like this they have something els eot concentrste on. I just want to mention that Per is an awesome person for doing what he is doing, sharing his stroy and motivating others to realky take steps to get out of their addiction, he has an awesome blog too, where he shares very useful information on addiction, how to stay motived in life and so onl he talks about the different addiction and also a solution, which is the point. If you know someone who needs a rehab orogram, chekc out his centerm the Best Drug rehabilitation center, and take a tour if neededm hpyou will definitelly not be disappointed! Their program does work!


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